Sylmasta Pipe Repair, Maintenance and Refurbishment Products

Sylmasta is an ISO 9001 approved company offering a range of repair, maintenance and refurbishment products manufactured at their site in the UK, including a world-leading composite pipe repair production facility and the latest epoxy stick manufacturing technology.

Sylmasta products are used worldwide throughout industry. They repair, protect, strengthen and refurbish critical infrastructure, extending the lifespan of parts and machinery, helping to avoid the cost, disruption and environmental impact of total system replacement.

SylWrap Pipe Repair Kits make live leak repairs to pipes of all diameters and types

SylWrap Leaking Pipe Repair Products

Leak repair products permanently seal leaking pipes even when pressure cannot be turned off. They repair pipes of all types and diameters, ranging from small domestic plumbing to major pipes operating in water supply networks and oil refineries.

A pipe bridge undergoing repair as part of the Sylmasta Pipe Refurbishment System

Sylmasta Pipe Refurbishment System

The Sylmasta Pipe Refurbishment System is a four-stage process which refurbishes and strengthens major pipelines and critical infrastructure. A combination of solutions are used in conjunction to seal leaks, restore surface profile and prevent corrosion and chemical attack.

Composite Repair Wraps

Composite repair wraps are used to reinforce, strengthen and protect pipes and structures. They contain a fast-working resin which cures to form a rock hard, impact resistant shell around pipework to increase outer wall thickness, pressure resistance and hoop strength.

Epoxy Putties

Epoxy putties are applied by hand to permanently seal cracks and holes, make filler repairs and create high strength bonds between materials. Sylmasta putties came with a range of work times, from 3 minutes for rapid repairs to 2 hours more complex applications.

Industrial Metal Epoxy Paste being used to rebuild and repair a sulphuric acid line

Epoxy Pastes

Epoxy pastes are applied using a hand tool to strengthen worn parts, rebuild damaged equipment and provide a toughened outer shell which protects original surfaces against abrasion, wear and impact. There are six epoxy pastes in the Sylmasta range.

Epoxy Coatings

Brushable epoxy coatings are painted onto surfaces, structures and equipment to form a protective layer against corrosion, chemical attack, pitting, cavitation and erosion. They protect new parts before going into service and refurbish older systems.

Liquid Rubber

Liquid Rubber cures to form a tough, rubber-like compound with exceptional tear strength. It repairs damage to rubber, bonds with other substrates to form a protective rubber coating for equipment, and can be poured into a mould for the casting of rubber parts.


Sylmasta supply epoxy adhesives, methacrylate adhesives and cyanoacrylate superglues. They offer outstanding durability, create high-strength bonds between materials and come with different cure times and purposes to suit specific applications.

Pack & Seal Non-Setting Sealing Putty

Non-setting putty is used where future easy removal of repair material is beneficial. In electrical applications, it packs out boxes to prevent moisture ingress and seals around cables. It also creates removable seals around pipes and temporarily blocks holes.

Sylmasta work with

Sylmasta supply pipe repair, maintenance and refurbishment solutions for infrastructure operators, utility suppliers, multinational corporations and government departments as well as small businesses and individuals.

If you work in an industry in which pipe repair and other maintenance tasks are regularly carried out, then please contact Sylmasta to discuss how you may benefit from a business account.

Accreditations & Standards

Most SylWrap Pipe Repair products from Sylmasta are WRAS approved, meaning that they are certified to British standards as safe to use with drinking water.

Repairs made using SylWrap comply with Regulation 31 of the Water Supply Regulations and meet the standard of ASME PCC-2-2015 for the Repair of Pressure Equipment and Piping.

Sylmasta is an ISO 9001 accredited company.

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