Case Study: CAE1500 With a Miracle Decoration Repair to Save a Family’s Christmas

Sylmasta CAE1500 Superglue is used to repair a Christmas decoration

All I want for Christmas… is Sylmasta to fix a priceless ornament passed through generations of a family

When a decoration which had been in a family for generations was accidentally snapped in two, it was down to Sylmasta CAE1500 High Viscosity Superglue to provide a repair to save Christmas.

Case Study Data

Repair Type
Christmas decoration repair
Wise man from nativity scene snapped in two

Products Used

CAE1500 High Viscosity Superglue
High viscosity superglue with a bond time of between 10 and 45 seconds to non-absorbent materials

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Case Study Details

It is not all fixing major pipelines and other infrastructure at Sylmasta. Sometimes an application of real importance comes along, like the repair of a priceless Christmas decoration passed through generations of a family which had been accidentally snapped in two.

The ornament in question was one of the Three Wise Men from a nativity scene. In the annual tradition of getting the Christmas decorations out of the loft, he had become broken and meaning he was no longer able to join Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the wee donkey and the rest on display.

The Christmas decoration had been snapped cleanly in two

Christmas would not be Christmas without the full nativity set, and so the family desperately sought a means of repairing the wise man. Sylmasta CAE1500 High Viscosity Superglue was chosen for the application on account of its slightly longer cure time and versatility.

CAE1500 is a cyanoacrylate superglue which offers strong bonding between materials including ceramic, porcelain, plastic, metal, wood, paper and some fabrics. Its thickness means that when used on non-absorbent surfaces, it has a bond time of between 10 and 45 seconds.

CAE1500 High Viscosity Superglue used to repair a priceless family Christmas decoration
CAE1500 High Viscosity Superglue was applied to the bottom piece of the wise man

This allows a small window for parts being glued together to be adjusted to ensure that they are correctly fitted; something which becomes more difficult or even impossible with superglue which bonds instantly.

CAE1500 Superglue was carefully applied directly to the break on the bottom half of the wise man. Once this had been done, the two pieces were pushed back together and held in place for around 20 seconds whilst CAE1500 worked its magic.

Excess superglue which had been squeezed out of the joints during bonding was wiped away before it had the opportunity to fully cure, leaving a wise man who had been perfectly healed with no visible glue or crack line.

The decoration repair had been a complete success and the wise man could be returned to the nativity scene, ready to play his part in celebrating Christmas for many years to come.

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